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Srimukhalingeswara Temple one among the favored Shiva temples, is found at Srimukhalingam. Srimukhalingam is one among the renowned Hindu pilgrimage centers in Andhra pradesh. Sri Mukhalingam was additionally capital of eastern Ganga kings of Kalinga (ancient Orissa). The Srimukalingam Temple of Srimukhalingam was built by Kamarnava II in 8th century AD of the eastern Ganga family line. Its lovely place set on the banks of river Vamsadhara.
Srikakulam, Srimukhalingeswara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the left banks of River Vamsadhara. Elegantly incised, this temple is a group of three temples dedicated to three forms of Lord Shiva namely, Mukhalingeswara, Bhimeswara and Someswara.  The temple is constructed in Indo-Aryan style. To witness one amongst the marvelous sculptures, carvings and complex design, one must visit this Srimukhalingam Temple. The design of the Srimukhalingam Temple is therefore elegant that one simply cannot move eyes from it. As you observe closely, you can see that each piece and corner of the temple is as wonderful because the alternative.
At the Srimukhalingam Temple doorway, that is a vast arched gate, you’re welcome by 2 lions on both sides of the few stair-cases. The primary gate takes you to the outer prakara (walls) have wherever there are you a Nandi in a very mandapam. A lot of in an elaborate way incised gate with figures of Gods and Goddesses takes you to the inner prakara (compound wall) wherever stands one amongst the master items of these times, the temple of Mukhalingeswara. At each corner of the inner prakara, there are several little temples, some dedicated to Lord Shiva (in the shape of Someshwara and Bhimeswara) and Lord Ganesh. As you enter the temple, within the inner compound, there square measure 2 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, one at your right and also the alternative at your left. Within the centre stands the superb finely incised temple. The walls of the temple within the centre have pictures of Gods and Goddesses in their variousavatars (forms). You’ll see pictures of Lord Shiva along with his consort, a number of them are types of Lord Vishnu on them. Each image depicts a story from the Shiva Purana.
This is a gaggle of 3 temples designed by the eastern Ganga kings in the 10th century. This Srimukhalingam Temple shows the province type of design. The Mukhalinga could be a virtual gallery. The entrances square measure a marvel in themselves. There’s a embarrassment of sculptural work and perforated windows. The Bhimeswara temple lacks its grand splendor; however Someswara temple is additionally wealthy in sculptural work.
Srimukhalingam : It is additionally referred to as the Kalinganagara that was the capital of the first eastern Ganga rulers. They ruled over Andhra within the last half of the first millennium metallic element.
Someswara: easy in design, it’s considered the earliest of the Srimukhalingam Temple. It’s settled on the outskirts of the village of Mukhalingam. The photographs within the niches have exquisite sculptures. 2 smaller niches flank every niche. The entryway of the temple bears the pictures of the Ganga and also the Yamuna on either side.
Aniyanka Bhimeswara: was designed later than the Srimukhalingam Temple, srimukhalingeswara swamy temple. It’s plain compared to the grandeur of the Mukhalingeswara temple. The devakoshtas bear the pictures of Brahma, Narasimha andDakshinamurthy.


A huge entrance is flanked by 2 lions at the doorway of the outer prakara of the Srimukhalingam Temple. A Nandi mandapa is set in front of the sanctum. The doorway to the inner prakara contains lovely friezes. There square measure eleven shrines within the inner prakara, every a complete temple. The doorway to the most temples is from the south and east. The niches within the outer wall contain lovely sculpted pictures and perforated windows all produce beautiful works of art. it had been designed throughout the amount of the King Kamarnava (941-976 CE).

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